A single pane of glass for your investor reports

Trica’s advanced investor reporting suite ensures that mission-critical financial information and cap table data is gathered, analyzed and organized. All in one place.

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Go beyond the limitations of traditional investor reports. Generate custom reports in minutes, not hours.

Easily create detailed reports
Effortlessly gain fresh insights from your data
Choose from a wide array of templates to generate reports at will
See your revenue forecast, the budget in hand, and create quick, easy-to-edit reports for discussions with investors
Trica integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets to convert data into highly visual graphs that indicate progress and potential risk elements
Share your investor reports seamlessly and securely from the product itself
Predict your revenue and meet it
Trica shows you your projections on a month-on-month basis
See your data the way you want with trica’s industry-leading toolbox of charts and graphs
Unlock investment reality. See your revenue forecast and available budget as separate data stories, or compile them in the same graph
Measure important KPIs and create benchmarks for progress that investors can rely on
Trica’s advanced modeling calculators help you break down post-money dilution
Know how the company is valued currently, and create ‘what-if’ scenarios for funds
Finally, the easiest way to build and gain investor confidence
Share a smart summary of every month as it happened. Alongside key highlights
Deliver detailed activity and outcome reports, insights, green signals and red flags in one screen to your investor’s inbox
Find areas of strength and mitigate and risk factors with your investors’ assistance
Hand every stakeholder the confidence to play a role in your company’s progress

See how trica equity makes it easy to plan, manage and track your equity

Cap tables
Manage investors, securities and digital shares in one place
Understand the impact of rounds on investment
Predict the future with innovative modeling calculators
ESOP management
Get a single view across ESOPs grants, exercise and buybacks
Monitor expenses and get reports at a click
Improve employer branding and employee retention
Seamless HRMS integration

Isn’t it time you took a data-driven approach to your equity management and investor reporting?

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