Simplify cap table management

Maintain a single source of truth
Save time with our scenario modelling calculator
Issue digital shares, easily manage DEMAT

Scales as you go from idea to IPO and beyond

Trusted by over 900+ companies

Effortless equity management

Customised views of your cap table
Multi-functional dashboard to manage and convert securities
Manage and communicate with shareholders
See how future rounds impact you, your team and investors

Digital shares and DEMAT support

Issue digital shares in a matter of minutes
100% compliant protocol with e-signatures and DSC
Super easy workflow on DEMAT
Hassle free and tamper proof

Save costs on compliance and reporting

Annual accounting and filings made easy
Generate standard and custom reports
Benefit from our curated valuation service providers
Monitor and meet all regulatory requirements

Secure by design and intent

Your data belongs to you. we are ISO27001 certified
All data is secure, protected and can be custom encrypted
Document vault and tamper proof private blockchain deployed
Multi factor authentication enabled

Oliver Jones

Founder, Bombay Play

“trica equity's ESOP product saved us valuable bandwidth in rolling out ESOPs and the clear cap table dashboards have helped us build trust with investors.”

Ankit Prasad

Founder, bobble AI

“trica equity’s cap table product has helped BobbleAI strengthen its investor relations by providing accessible, secure, and relevant information at all times.”

Spend less time managing, more time building

Safely share cap table with prospective investors

Undertake complex round modelling with ease

Best in class onboarding and support (live chat and email)

Bulk upload of shareholder and share allotments

Reimagine cap table management

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what you need is a single dashboard to

Create a customized ESOP policy

Digitise the ESOP grant, exercise and buyback process

Manage expense reports and customize analytics

Bring transparency & improve your employer branding

Effortless sync with your HRMS