Unique Solutions to your Unique Requirements

Compensation plans
ESOP best practices
Human Resource Management

Add value to your HR teams with trica equity

Best practices in hiring

Design and implement HR practices and solutions according to your values, mission, and strategy.

Talent retention

trica equity offers help in designing an employee compensation and reward plan in detail. We also offer communication documents, FAQs & sessions for employees

Comprehensive Support

Data-backed analytics and insights to help startups make informed decisions.

Hear it from the founders

Ankit Prasad
Founder, Bobble AI

"trica equity's cap table product has helped BobbleAI strengthen it's investor relations by providing accessible, secure, and relevant information at all times."

Oliver Jones
Founder, Bombay Play

“trica equity's ESOP product saved us valuable bandwidth in rolling out ESOPs and the clear cap table dashboards have helped us build trust with investors.”

Archi Bagchi
Cofounder, Thoucentric

"Using trica equity allowed us to practically live our value of transparency when it came to managing equity. Gaining a view of how ESOPs were performing established trust between the employees and top management."


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