Your finance team can count on trica equity

Financial operations and planning
Compliance and regulatory reporting
Cap table maintenance

Providing transparent and scalable solutions to manage equity

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ESOP Management

trica equity offers a digital platform for managing ESOPs. You can efficiently handle ESOP pools, grant digital options with signatures, and manage various ESOP-related processes, streamlining the entire lifecycle of equity distribution within the organization

Efficient cap table management

trica equity emphasizes on efficiency in cap table management, ensuring accuracy in recording and managing equity ownership, which is crucial for financial reporting and compliance

Manage liquidity

Track and manage cash flow, working capital to meet operational needs of a company.

Customer Reviews that inspire confidence

A robust backbone for all your startup needs
Jiten Gupta
Founder, Jupiter Money

“This is a vital product for startups. thanks to trica equity the entire process is seamless for us.”

Archi Bagchi
Cofounder, Thoucentric

"Using trica equity allowed us to practically live our value of transparency when it came to managing equity. Gaining a view of how ESOPs were performing established trust between the employees and top management."

Oliver Jones
Founder, Bombay Play

“trica equity's ESOP product saved us valuable bandwidth in rolling out ESOPs and the clear cap table dashboards have helped us build trust with investors.”


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