How to Position Your Company for Venture Capital Financing

Starting and scaling a new business is no easy feat. One of the first barriers startup founders need to navigate is securing funds from investors.Often, startups are compelled to take the bootstrapping path when they cannot secure funds via angel investors, venture capitalists, or family members. Therefore, it becomes crucial for founders to know how to position their company for venture capital financing.This article will explore a few tricks that can significantly boost your chances of securing venture capital funding for your new business.

Strategies to Successfully Secure Funds

Startup founders who go the extra mile and devote time and resources toward their fundraising strategy can successfully raise funds. Explore these strategies if you desire the same results.

1. Understand the Pulse of the Investors

Before seeking investors, founders need to understand what investors are looking for. Most investors are seeking answers to the following questions.

  1. What is the idea and the inspiration behind the idea?
  2. Can the idea generate revenue?
  3. Who are the founders?
  4. Have the founders built a business before?
  5. Will I get my money on time?
  6. How will the company use the funds?

It is no secret that investors deem most ideas and concepts unworthy of investment. Therefore, it becomes imperative for founders to answer the questions mentioned above.

2. Product Understanding and Execution Strategy

While positioning your startup for venture capital financing, ensure that your product or service is solving a problem. Founders should also have a marketing strategy to sell their product or service and expand the business.A good product, created and backed by a team of passionate and hardworking employees, lays the foundation for success. This increases the chances of securing venture capital funding and allows investors to evaluate whether it is worth investing in the business.

3. Leverage Your Network

While seeking funds, it is critical to find the right investors. What could be a better place than your own network to find your dream investor?If you are a startup founder, consider discussing your company, idea, and objectives with the people you know. Knowing someone in a leading position at a firm is not necessary (but certainly helpful). All you need is anyone who can acquaint you with the investors you want to get in touch with.

4. Seek Guidance

A mentor brings a lot to the table, including years of experience, a relevant skill set, and ‌a unique perspective. Regardless of your startup's growth stage, a mentor can be a great sounding board for your ideas. A mentor also offers valuable insights into potential strategies your business can follow to secure venture capital financing.

5. Focus on Your Pitch, Stay Prepared

Before reaching out or setting up a meeting with potential investors, you should be thorough with your pitch. It is very important to be well-prepared and have answers to the questions investors may ask when you pitch them your idea.Think of your pitch as the headline of an article or an ad copy. Founders should be able to summarise their business idea in less than a minute. Therefore, your pitch should have conviction, be concise, and be easy to understand.

6. Transparency Matters

If you want to position your company for venture capital financing, it is crucial to forge a good founder-investor relationship. It becomes your responsibility to gain your investors' trust; a good way to do that is by elaborating on your company's core values. Remember, investors will only invest in your idea if they trust you.

7. Think About the Worst-Case Scenario

Take some time to determine the worst-case financial scenario. Many businesses overlook the costs involved in customer acquisition, marketing, and more. Therefore, when you position your company for venture capital financing, it is important to raise as much money as you can in one go.Raising more funds than you need will save you time and effort to secure a second round of funding.


Although there is no set formula to crack venture capital financing, these strategies have yielded results for many successful startups. Apart from all the points mentioned in this article, the best way to find answers is to do the groundwork and learn lessons as they come.Be ready with all the key information regarding your business, financial projections, and, most importantly, your pitch. Securing funding is challenging yet exciting, and we at trica understand that.If you are confused about how to position your company for venture capital financing, get in touch with us today.

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